What is the Best Mouth Guard for Soccer?

What is the Best Mouth Guard for Soccer?

Sports are a fantastic way to socialize, exercise, and compete, but the potential risk of injury is not something that should be ignored. Cuts, bruises, and other injuries are unfortunately very common in all sports. More specifically, over 5,000,000 teeth are knocked out every year while playing sports and an estimated 39 percent of dental injuries are caused by sports. Soccer may not be the first sport that comes to mind when thinking about oral injury risks, but players can be at risk due to things like headers or incidental contact during game play. 

Fortunately, studies suggest that wearing a mouth guard can help reduce sports-related dental injuries. Some mouth guards are naturally more effective than others, and if you're trying to protect your youth soccer player, you need to know what makes a protective mouth guard effective. At Delta Dental, we utilize a patented fitting material that helps ensure that your mouth guard remains firmly in place during both practice and competition. When other players are distracted by chewing their mouth guard or constantly clenching to keep it in place, you can focus entirely on the game at hand. 

Our proprietary fitting material allows us to offer non-intrusive, thin mouth guards for soccer that won't hold you back from talking strategy with a teammate, hydrating, or catching your breath after an extended attack. While our competitors focus on the thickness of the mouth guard to provide shock absorption, their material makes it more difficult to focus and perform. 

Delta Dental is also proud to offer the best mouth guard for soccer for braces. Our exclusive fitting material can help to prevent the facial lacerations that have been associated with wearing braces while playing sports. Our mouth guards are also remoldable, so after your braces get adjusted you can continue using what you're comfortable with rather than having to play with a replacement. In contrast, many competing products can only be molded once and are not recommended for use with braces.

Hygiene was also extremely important when designing our product. Bacteria cannot penetrate the surface of our mouth guards, which mitigates the risk of infection. We encourage you to try Delta Dental Athletic Mouth guards today and experience for yourself what makes our product the best mouth guard for soccer players.

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